Draper Corporation - Hopedale, Massachusetts

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    This is a press brake. The angle iron this one worked on was about a
    half-inch thick. It could produce a whole row of slots like it was going
    through butter. As a safety feature, as you can see in the photo, each
    man had to have each hand on a switch before it would operate.

    These items at the bottom of the picture were made
    from steel bars by an automatic screw machine.

    Grinding crankshaft ends for fly shuttle looms. Most
    of the grinding machines at Draper were Nortons.

    Full-length crankshafts being
    ground on a Norton grinder.

    In this picture, the computer tells the machine what operation
    to do and what tool to use. It's constantly changing tools. It
    gets the job done on one side, and then turns 180 degrees
    (note circular base) and does the other side.

    Research department. The name of the man at  the bottom of
    the picture was Nydam. Off to his right is Earl Pouliot. Ahead of
    him is Stan Tiernan. He was well known in the area as a
    Marathon runner, back when there weren't many of  them.

Earl Pouliot.

Roger Papelian

Joe Evans at an analog computer.

Heat  treating