Front row, left to right: Paul Tomassini - batboy, Bruce Wright, George Tower, Red Grady - batboy, Tony Cipriano, Bruce Lutz.

      Back row: Al Tomassini - assistant coach, Billy Reed, Billy Ronca, Stu Dunlap, Pete Tomassini, Bob Ianatelli, Dick Grady,
    Tom Lipsky, Mike Norton, Hy Wagman - coach.

    Front row, left to right: Jake Grady, Sr. - coach,  ?, Bob Metcalf, Joe Francesconi, Roy Morisseau, Jake Grady, Jr., Dave Heron,
    George Perry, ?, Louie Polito - coach.

    Back row: ?, Mike Noferi, Russ Pennington, ?, Tommy Stock (holding sign), Albert (Sonny) MacDonald, ?, Rollie Morin, , Red
    Pennington - coach.

    Russ Pennington recalls that this photo was taken on opening day, right after the parade. Russ is in the back row, holding
    the "oogah horn."

    Thanks to Steven Dunlap for the picture at the top. (Probably 1957) Thanks to Tom Lipsky and Dick Grady for the names. The
    photo at the bottom is from 1953 or 1954. If you have corrections or additions, send them to me, using the email link on the
    homepage. Thanks to Russ Pennington for sending a couple of corrections.


    One memory I have from those days is looking into the window of Rico's grocery store, which abutted the sidewalk next to
    the drugstore, and seeing the trophies for the league champions, batting champions, all-stars, etc.

    In those days, there was a "farm system." Players on the Pharmacy team came up from Hopedale Police. The junior division
    was from years 8 - 10 and the upper division was from 10 - 12, so it was possible to play with the same players for four
    years. Some of the other teams were the Hopedale Coal & Ice, the Hopedale VFW, and the American Legion.

    Also in those days there were only four teams in each division. I still can remember playing at Draper Field on hot evenings
    in the all-wool uniforms. Spectators would surround the field outside the fence with their cars. There were two, maybe three
    baseball fields with games going on simultaneously. The fields would be separated by snow fences, which were the
    boundaries of the outfield and were the target for home run hitters.

    I also have another Little League photo of my earlier team, the Hopedale Police. What makes it interesting is that, in the
    background at Draper Field are the huge bleachers which were torn down shortly thereafter. There were some people in the
    bleachers at the time of the photo, around 1957. Tom Lipsky, May 2007.

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