Hopedale High Baseball Team, c. 1936

    Thanks to Arnold Nealley for this photo. Arnold gave me the following identifications. Front row from
    left: Jack Creamer, Newell, ?, Fig Cyr, ?. Back row: Principal Win Dennett, Fred Caufield, ?,
    Cichanowicz, Bayard Bell, Coach Skip Nye. If you can name the others or give me the exact year, you
    can email me through the link on the homepage.

    Here's a response I received a week or so after putting up this page.

    My name is Debby Taylor. I was just enjoying looking through the photos on your website. It brought
    my heart much joy to see the old photo of my father…Bayard B. Bell on the Hopedale baseball team
    photo. I also saw things and photos regarding my Uncle Winfield Bell, and Aunts Gretchen and Irma.
    My dad always told me how I resembled Gretchen. Thank you for those!   I think that the baseball
    photo has to be prior to 1940 though, as my dad Bayard graduated in 1936……hope this helps.
    Thank you again, and God Bless. (I had this as c. 1940 before receiving Debby's message.)

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