Little League - Police Team

       Thanks to Dennis Simmons for sending the picture. Here are the names he sent, along with some  additions
    sent by others since it's been here:

      First row: Joe Small, Brian Wright, Eddy Small, Dennis Grady, Kelsie Harris, Brian Luce, Dennis Simmons,
    Brian Miller??? or is it Teddy Mitchell? - See Tim Cox's second email, below.

      2nd row : John Cox, John Bresciani, John (or is it Tom?) Abbruzzese, Jacky Bacon,  Billy Wright ?, Bobby
    Stearns, Kenneth Simmons, Mark Haggerman, ? Miller, Dicky Phillips and Dicky Flooks .

      The coaches are Tom Bonin, on left, and Joe Small, right.

      This should help out. I'm not sure of the year but either 61 or 62. Probably 62. Eddy  Small, Kelsie Harris and
    Stearns were 3 years ahead of me in school. It was a three year farm team before you moved to The Hopedale
    Pharmacy team for 2 years.
      A small anecdote: I remember Joe Perry played for the Hopedale Coal and Ice the same year.

      If you can add more names, or confirm the ones given above, send them to my by the email link on the

      And here's a reply from Tim Cox.

    That is definitely my brother and I am reasonably sure that is Jacky (John) Bacon. The other names are correct
    except I cannot verify Haggerman or Miller. The only question I have about the second row is whether or not that
    is TOM--not John--Abbruzzeuse. I think it is Tom because of the resemblance and also because with about one
    exception, all these kids were a grade or two ahead of me--certainly 1-2 years older than me. Tom was a grade
    and year older than me but John was my age and grade.

    The first row is OK except the Miller kid I cannot verify. Also, that is Brian Luce, not Bruce Lutz.

    So I've changed Bruce to Brian and, for now, added Tom? to the list. Bill Wright's name is now on also, after he

    Dear Dan,
      That could be me next to the kid holding the sign. I didn't think that my ears stuck out that much, but it looks
    remarkably like the tennis photo. Of course, I did play for the Police. Truly, never hit or caught a ball, but Tom
    Bonin played me in every game. Tom's rules were "If we win,, everyone goes to the drugstore immediately after
    the game for a frappe" on him. We did win the trophy one year. Wish I'd saved it.

      And then I heard again from Tim Cox.

    I have another name for you. I put the photo in another program so I could blow it up a little bit. First row, the kid
    all the way to the right--that is Teddy Mitchell I am almost positive. Teddy was in the same grade-age as my
    brother, John, class of 1968. The Mitchell family is the same Mitchell family of Milly Mitchell's restaurant in
    Mendon fame. They must have lived in Hopedale for a while. I think they moved later up on North Avenue in
    Mendon. Teddy used to work at the restaurant summers. Oh, how I remember those fried clams and coleslaw!
    Tim Cox

      In 1960, the Mitchells lived at 18 Lake Street according to the street listing book for that year.

    And another from Bill Wright.

    Miller, might be Harry Miller. He was a year ahead of me and had a sister that was my age. They lived on Dutcher
    St in a big white house near the Parklands entrance.B.

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