The girls' team didn't get much coverage in
    1957, and even when Marcia Dee scored
    almost as many points as the opposing team,
    they didn't get her name right.

                   The Hopedale High School Undefeated Basketball Team of 1956-57

    The George Albert Draper Gymnasium opened in 1955. Up until then, high school and junior high
    basketball games were played at the town hall. The 1956-57 season began with the Boston Celtics
    playing at the gym, and ended with the Hopedale High basketball team completing their year
    undefeated after nineteen games.

    I thought that there was no need to cover all of the games here, and decided that starting with the
    second Northboro game would be going back far enough. Since the first game with Northboro ended
    with a two-point win for Hopedale, there was some concern about the second, but as you can see, it
    didn't even turn out to be close. As I recall, there was a lot more worry about the second meeting with
    Southboro, but that concluded with the same score as the Northboro game. All in all, a very exciting
    season, that ended with winning the Clark Tournament.

    The pages from the Milford News were printed from a microfilm reader at the Milford Library. In some
    cases I couldn't reduce the size enough to include the entire article. I could have joined separate
    pages together, but I think there's enough here for you to get the idea of what the season was like. I
    may  try doing a few of the pages over sometime to see if I can get clearer copies. One page that
    printed out as a negative (a problem with the machine that seems to occur after a dozen or so copies
    are made) was headlined, "Hopedale Not To Compete In Bay State Tournament." That was printed the
    day after the Uxbridge game. The reason given was, " compliance with players' parents who feel
    the cagers have played enough basketball for one season." Would that happen now? I don't think so.

    While looking through early 1957 for the Hopedale story, I also noticed many other articles on the
    sports pages. One was about Hank Aaron, who had been looking for a 100% pay raise for the next
    year. He settled for 50%. He'd be getting $27,000 for the 1958 season. Another story said that Mickey
    Mantle's leg problems might keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

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    It wasn't just that the game could be Hopedale's thirteenth win that
    could be a worry for the superstitious in Hopedale. Considering the
    first game between them, it looked like the team with the best
    chance of putting an end to  the streak was Southboro.

Front page, Milford Daily News - February 23, 1957.