Hopedale High School  Girls' Basketball Team - 1951

    This looks reasonably okay to me, but I'm not sure it will work with different screen
    resolutions. Newspaper photos are a bit tricky. Hope it works for you.

    In case you can't read the names:

    Front row, left to right: Lenore Young, Janet Hixon, Mildred Noe, Joan Meade.

    Second row, Nancy Miner, Louise Dowden, Sandra Lapworth, Frances Mantoni,
    Lillian Taylor, Claire Snider, Nancy Ryan, Jackie LaRhette;

    Back row, Cynthia Clark, Manager - Barbara Piper, Ellen Morey, Dorothy Taylor, Theresa
    Gorman, Janet Krauss, Patricia Stenberg, and Mrs. Thelma Lapworth, coach.

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