First Public Viewing of Hopedale Movie

    According to a post-it note on the back of this picture from the Bancroft Library, this event at the
    Community House took place in 1976. It seems very likely that it had something to do with the
    Bicentennial. If you remember the event, and/or recognize anyone here, please let me know. Email link
    on homepage.

    Within a day or two, I received the following replies. First, from Leola Stearns.

    I think it is a picture of a program at the Community House presented by the members of the Historical
    Group for the Bicenntennial.  I do not recall what the entire program was, but I spoke and presented a
    slide show about the town's history.  I was dressed in clothes of that period.  Geri Fafard was
    president of the group and may have more info about it. I would think there would have been info about
    it in the Milford Daily News.  I wish I coud tell  you more  about it. Leola Stearns

    Then one from Karen Sparks:

    Hi Danny,

    Re the Community House audience, Dave's parents seem to think that the boy in row 4 is Fred
    Oldfield.  Other than that, they don't recognize anyone.

    I sent that along to Fred, who replied:

    Hi Danny,
    Yes that is me.  My mother is to the right.  Olga Bresciani is the blond woman in the back.  Linda
    Redden is in the front side view...and Bill Redden is to the right. (Bev Orff also recognized the

    In front of me is the Speroni girl and her mother on the right.  I believe that is Marguerite Stanas behind
    Olga Bresciani who was sister to Azalia Heron.  This picture was taken at the premiere of the
    Hopedale movie... 1976???? I have the clipping somewhere I will try to find it.  It was held at the
    Community House.
    Fred Oldfield

    In a later email, Fred also mentioned that Ann Speroni is there. And still later,  Jody Whyte is there in
    the back left side...her Aunt Nancy Cutter Barsanti and her ex husband are there too.

    And then from Fred Loeper:

    Man with glasses WSW is certainly Paul Francis. (I haven't figured out what the WSW stands for. He's
    in the west southwest corner? Wide smile, winking? White shirt, walking? Get back to me on this, Fred.)

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