Chimes of Freedom

    In 1966, Bill Wright, John Alden and Joe Perry organized a band called
    Chimes of Freedom. Joe later moved on to the somewhat better known
    group, Aerosmith. In the picture at the top, left to right, Bill, John and
    Joe.  The photo at the bottom shows Joe and Bill a few decades later -
    February 2010, when Bill went to one of Joe's concerts in Montreal.

    Click here to read some of Bill's memories of the guys from Chimes of
    Freedom and later visits with Joe and Aerosmith, here for Bill's Rustic
    Bridge wedding, here for Bill's Great Blackout memories, and here for
    Bill's song about Hopedale, Sleepy Little Town. Also,  here to go to an
    article about Joe and Aerosmith.

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