Rare photo of Hopedale during the blackout.
                                  The Great Blackout

Recalling Hopedale memories is such great fun.  I just came up with another one. "The New England Blackout".

   I had walked from 32 Dutcher street to Hopedale Coal and Ice.  Can't remember why, probably to get some glue for a model airplane or some such thing.  [Hopedale Hardware was in the  Coal and Ice building at that time.]  I was walking across the
Hope Street Bridge, perhaps half way across when "Poof" everything went dark.  Seeing all of Draper in blackness was spooky.

   There was not a light to be seen.  Got as far as "
Billy Drapers" store and walked in to get a candy bar or ice cream.  Mr. or Mrs. Damon ran the night shift there, Mrs. McQeen ran days.  I remember that the store was lit by a kerosene lamp that night..I guess they were prepared for any emergency.  Home was kind of confused that night; my dad was in Milford Hospital....his appendix had burst.  I remember walking home from Saint Mary's that afternoon and visiting him there.

   Hopedale always had the sound of the looms being tested and the factory gave off so much light.  But that night, utter blackness and quiet.  Probably the first and only time that Hopedale experienced such silence.  It was a strange experience.

    I'm so glad that y'all wrote that book and that we have established contact.  So many wonderful memories have returned. As the words to "Sleepy Little Town" go, "We never grew up but we all were raised in a Sleepy Little Town."  Thanks for bringing those memories back.               Bill

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