Looking downstream at the Blackstone River, at the put-in near
    Cold Spring Park at Harris Avenue/Route 122, Woonsocket.

    From Cold Spring Park we headed upstream. This
    was the first bridge we went under. Singleton Street.

Along Route 122, Blackstone.

Bridge at St. Paul Street, Blackstone.

    Just upstream from St. Paul Street, the
    current became too fast for us to continue.

Blackstone Town History Museum, Route 122.

    We continued downstream, past the Cold Spring landing. The River Street bridge is at
    the top of the photo, and ahead is a bridge for the Providence and Worcester Railroad.

Site of a mill fire.

    Near Woonsocket Falls Dam and Thundermist Hydro, we decided to turn
    around and head back to the landing, rather than go over the dam.

Water quality was good enough for this guy.

Passing the site of the fire again.

Back at the landing, looking upstream.

    The cold spring at Cold Spring Park. With a close
    look you can see two little streams of water.

    For those coming from Massachusetts and
    looking for the landing, if you see Wicked
    Good Ice Cream, you've gone a block too far.

    GPS track of our trip on a Google Earth
    view of Woonsocket and Blackstone.

Map view of the trip.

A Paddle on the Blackstone River

July 28, 2012

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    A man leaned out a window of the mill in the picture, and spoke with us for a
    while. He said the building was being renovated to be used as a warehouse.

    According to my Audubon book, this appears to be a DeKay's
    snake, also called a brown snake. It was in the landing area
    when we came back in from a paddle on April 19, 2015.