The blacksmith shop was in back of the stable.  A real nice older man who knew what
    he was doing.  He worked full time at it.  He fabricated all kinds of tools and parts.  Bill
    Barney, March 2003 Bill's memories of the blacksmith go back to the 1930s.. This
    photo of what I think must have been the blacksmith shop was taken in 2003.

    In the 1930 street listing book, Jerimiah. B. Driscoll, 50,  of 15 Hope Street was said to
    be a blacksmith. Also, Alexandro Gritti, 70, of Home Park Avenue, Samuel Olivant, 61,
    Hartford Avenue, Joseph Reed, 63, 75 Greene Street, Jonas Soderberg, 136 Freedom
    Street, Robert Stewart, 53, 29 Progress Street, Celso Trevani, 35, 160 Hopedale Street.
    Some workers at the Westcott Mill were regarded as blacksmiths, and I know that's
    where Olivant worked. Probably Reed also. Trevani was probably too young to fit
    Barney's description. My guess is that Barney was writing about Driscoll.

Demolition of Coal & Ice buildings - including the blacksmith shop