Looking downstream over the edge of the Rollling Mill
    Dam to the beginning of the Blackstone Gorge.

    "In Millville, Massachusetts, the SNE (Southern New England Railroad, aka the
    Grand Trunk Railroad) would have passed over the Blackstone River on a high-level
    bridge, with both the New York and New England Railroad (now abandoned) and the
    Providence and Worcester Railroad (still in use) below. Several full-height supports
    were built, as well as several partial supports in the river." Wikipedia

Route 122 near the Blackstone-Millville line.

    Monitoring station. Click here to see what it's measuring.
    You'll have to set begin and end dates for current data.

Back near the Rolling Mill Dam.

    Google Earth view of our trip on the Blackstone
    River on May 4, 2013. The GPS added one
    strange little line that we didn't do. That's the
    white line that arcs over BLKSTN. The
    information below is from the Blackstone River
    Valley National Heritage Corridor site.

The Blackstone River - Rollilng Mill Dam to Triad Bridges

Photos above - May 2013
Photos below - April 2014

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Homes and buildings along Route 122 in Blackstone.

Signs of beavers can be seen along the banks.

Above - three views of the triad bridge area.

The Millville lock

The Route 122 bridge can be seen in the distance.

    The white lines on the Google Earth view above show
    our route. The one below shows the part of it that's in
    the far right above. It's water that backed up by the
    Rolling Dam and forms a bit of a pond.