Milford Daily News - 1958

    The foundation of the Madden house (more about that in the
    Hopper article below) in the pictures above is just a few hundred
    yards west of the Hopedale/Milford town line marker on Route
    140 at the point where the Mill River goes under the road.

    Route 140 near the beginning of Carpenter Road. Carpenter Road, now just a path,
    starts at about the middle-left of this picture.

    The newspaper article gives Upton Road as the address, but the foundation is actually
    several hundred yards away from there. The 1939 Hopedale street listing book
    records Fred Merrill (62) and Delia Merrill (35) as living at Carpenter Road. At the
    bottom of this page you'll find an article on Carpenter Road and the Madden farm
    written by Gordon Hopper.

The beginning of the path, just off of Route 140.

    The bridge crosses a stream that flows into the Mill River
    about a hundred yards to the left. The next five pictures
    show the foundation of the Madden/Merrill house. The
    foundation is all that remains of the home that once
    stood near the eastern end of Carpenter Road.

    Much of Carpenter Road looks like what you see in this photo - a
    narrow trail lined with small white pines. Much of its length  also  
    has, as shown in the two pictures below, stone walls on both sides

  Carpenter Road   

G&U Railroad - Town of Hopedale Land Dispute   

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    Carpenter Road crosses the G&U tracks in the middle of this  picture.
    This area contains part of Upton State Forest. When I was in Scouts
    in the fifties, the troop would often come here for day hikes on
    Saturdays. Along with our scoutmaster, Lymie Draper, we'd come up
    through the Parklands and onto the tracks. When we reached
    Carpenter Road (I didn't know it had a name back then) we'd go off to
    the right a bit and into the woods, where we'd build fires to cook our
    lunch and then participate in other Scout activities.

Carpenter Road west of the railroad tracks.

    A few hundred yards west of the tracks, the road
    crosses the pipeline. At that point, as shown by
    this picture, it becomes much more overgrown.

    A short distance after Carpenter Road crosses the pipeline,
    there are several stone foundations and a well on the right
    (west) side Possibly the McTague/Mead place mentioned in
    the Hopper article below. I'll see if I can find the map
    mentioned and figure it out. The pipe DJ is holding was in the
    well, sitting on the bottom and extended to the top.

    The main part of Upton State Forest is off of Westboro Road, but there are also two other parcels
    near Hopedale and Mendon, that are shown on this1953 USGS map. Part of Carpenter Road
    passes along the edge of the state forest, then along the Hopedale-Upton boundary, the Upton-
    Mendon line, and finally through a bit of Mendon to Saltbox Road..You can also see in this map
    that a little of the state forest extends into Hopedale.

    The Hopedale section of the state forest amounts to about five acres. (Thanks to Carol Whyte at
    the Hopedale Asessors' Office for that information.)

    The map shows Carpenter Road running generally south from the Route 140 to its end at Saltbox
    Road, a little to the right of center near the bottom. The Hopper article below says Carpenter
    Road goes close to Powers Road in Mendon and on to North Avenue. We saw a fork of the road
    leading toward Powers Road, but the map only shows the part that ends at Saltbox Road. Saltbox
    can be seen starting to the left of the H in HOPE and ending near Trask Road (name not on this
    part of the map) near Muddy Brook.

Boundary stone where Hopedale, Upton and Mendon meet.

    Google Earth view of the area. Carpenter Road is in yellow. My son,
    DJ, with his GPS, came along with me and put the trail mark and the
    waypoints on here. The Madden foundation is at 008, Carpenter
    Road crosses the pipeline near the 009 point., near the well and the  
    other foundation, and the three-town boundary stone is at 010.
    Hopedale Pond is at the lower right. The G&U tracks can be seen
    coming up from the lower right, curving through the middle and
    going off to the left. The white lines are town boundaries, mainly
    between Hopedale and Upton, with a little of Mendon at the bottom.

    Google Earth profile of Carpenter Road. The low point, a little after entering at Route
    140, was 272 feet above sea level. The high point, near the end of our walk was 539 feet.

    From Assessors' Report, 1886. Sylvester here,
    Sylvanus in the clipping to the right. Same guy, with
    one being a typo? I think so. In the 1898 town
    directory, there's a Sylvester Madden.

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Note S.L. Madden above the H.