The Chapel and School of the Hopedale Community

    This building was the original chapel and school for the Community.  In the early days,
    it also housed the library. "By 1855 the Hopedale library, located in the combined
    school and chapel building, had over six hundred volumes, excluding various public
    documents sent to it by Senator Charles Sumner and other sympathetic congressmen.
    Open at least once a week, for lending purposes, the library had its established rules,
    including fines for overdue books." Hopedale: Commune to Company Town,
    Edward K. Spann, p. 87

    The building was later used for a store and a residence.  In the 1950s this structure,
    the two homes behind it and the Chapel Street School were demolished.  The only
    building left standing on the block was the Dutcher Street School.           

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The paragraphs above are from Adin Ballou's History of Milford, p. 197.