TV Image Received In Hopedale

    HOPEDALE, June 1 [1948]  Atmospheric conditions are credited with the clear and distinct
    television reception on a recent evening when four stations, three from New York and one from
    Philadelphia, were brought into the home of Clarence E. Chilson, Freedom Street.

      Mr. Chilson, well-known radio technician explained the unusual situation as due to
    temperature inversion, which to the average person means cool ground and warm air overhead.

      If the inclement wet and humid weather was good for something it is news to everyone and
    should help to raise the morale.

      Mr. Chilson has been studying television in his spare time for several years.  He was the first
    person in this area to receive a TV image.  His home-constructed set brought in a station in

      The present set is another that he constructed himself.  On Friday night he and several friends
    were able to witness a boxing match from Madison Square Garden for nearly two hours, without
    interruption.  In addition, Mr. Chilson receives the test patterns daily, now being sent out from the
    Boston station.  The Milford Daily News
     The newspaper article didn't mention one little problem the viewers had while watching the
    boxing match.  The yoke, a part that went around the picture tube, had been put on wrong and
    the picture was upside down.

    Just a year after this article was published, the Milford News printed an article saying that 625
    television sets had been sold in Milford in the past year.

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The Chilson home at 54 Freedom Street in 2020.

Milford Daily News - June 1949