Left to right:

    Top row - Tommy Travers, Gerry Dee, David Hazard, Frank Sweeney, Ann Soderberg, Lee Hanson, David Lemon

    Next row - Robert Redden, Hilda Soderberg, Patty Koweluck, Judy Lemon, Sally Nelson, Richard Lemon, Robert

    Next row - Nancy Taylor, Judy Papineau, Fred Tredeau, Mary McAuliffe, Nancy Young, Robert Ambrogi, Valerie Cox.

    Bottom row - Lois Gorman, Richard Voltz, Paula Iacovelli.

    This is the class that would graduate from Hopedale High School in 1960. Thanks to Judy (Lemon) Casali for the
    picture and the names. As you can see at the bottom of the picture, this was the half of the class that was at Park
    Street School. The other half went to Chapel Street School.

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