Hopedale High School Class of 1962

Thanks to Dick Grady for getting this page started, and to Paul Butcher for sending photos and names.

Hopedale High Class of 1961   

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    L to R front row:
    Sandra McCrum, Marion Farrell, Margaret Costanza, Joyce Baer, Mary Gartland, Eleanor Gaskill, Marianne Calagione, Linda Damon, Ann Porotti,
    Nancy Hourihan, Sandra Ruscitti, Maryanne Boudreau, Judith Kaberry, Judith Warren, Mary Reed, Theresa Boucher, Frances Phillips, Vicky Volz,
    Judith Sanborn, Joan Cicchetti and Bernadette Sooley.

    L to R back row:
    Joseph Castagnaro, John Lemon, Paul Butcher, Richard Wade, Philip Travers, Robert Scalzi, Edward Rice, David Calarese, Paul Robertson, Edward
    Furphy, Geraldine Giroux, Bernard S Kushlan, John Driscoll, George Harlow, Thomas Mears, James Clement, John Ruhan, Llewellyn Kaizer, Richard
    Earle, James Guglielmi, Philip Workman, Richard Sannicandro and Joseph Francesconi.

                                                                             Hopedale High School Class of 1962 50th Reunion

    Front row L to R: Terry (Boucher) Moore, Janice (Oliveri) Murray, Joan (Cicchetti) Redden, Sandra (Ruscitti) Kimball, Linda Damon, Frances (Phillips)
    Elliott, Robert Scalzi, Marianne (Calagione) Sage, Florine (Deloia) Berry and Maryanne (Boudreau) Taylor

    Back row L to R: Marion (Farrell) McCartney, Ann Porotti, Joseph Castagnaro, Sandra (McCrum) Smith, Joseph Francesconi, George Harlow, Paul
    Butcher, John Grady, Richard Earl, Richard Sannicandro, Dave Calarese and John Lemon

    Here is a picture from 1953 of the 3rd grade class at Park Street School, that was part of
    the Hopedale High School Class of 1962. I got this picture from Dick Earle.

    I divided it into 5 rows and listed how many girls and boys were in each row.

    Back row, Row 5: left to right 2 boys and 1 girl: Paul Robertson, Diane McDonough and
    George Harlow.

    Row 4: left to right 2 girls and 3 boys: Deborah Taylor, Nancy McConville, Christopher
    Snodgrass, Jack Driscoll and Ronny White.

    Row 3: left to right 2 girls and 4 boys: Joyce Watson, Ellen Jane Nelson, Bob Skerry, John
    Rappazini, Ed Hooper and Bobby Newbegin.

    Row 2: left to right 3 girls and 6 boys: Maryanne Boudreau, Linda Soderberg, John
    Lemon, Gail Morgan, Bob Scalzi. Ed Rice, Warren Spaulding, David Chapman and Dick

    Front row, Row1: left to right 5 boys and 4 girls: Teddy Hillard, Judy Kaberry, Joyce Baer,
    Mary Ann Brown, John McKeon, Philip Workman, Marion Farrell, Warren McGee and
    Thomas Daige.

    Paul Butcher
    Image may contain: 32 people, people smiling.

    Below - Grade 3 at Chapel Street School, also sent by Paul Butcher.