The Hopedale High Class of 1963 Washington trip. Photo sent by Bruce Lutz. Anyone want to send

     And we have some names, sent on February 14, 2009 by Mike Cyr. Mike says:The DC Picture- -
    Amazingly, I was able to know some names – even though they're 7 Yrs older than me!

    In the center row. On the far left is my cousin Hank Cyr

    In the Back Row: From the far right 2nd Guy is Harold Anderson – 8th from right (looks like he is next
    to a faculty member) is Bullet Callery (I never knew his first name)

    The REAL TALL guy in the center right behind cousin Hank is David Digirolamo (spelling not sure of)

    Front row (the girls) From Right – far right is Harry Lacey (Her real name was Harel or something like
    that) – next to her is Mel (Melody) French and # 6 from right is Mary Ann Clement

    And on the same day, Tom Lipsky said; Notice that Ricky Francis appears on both the left and right
    ends. In those days, I believe the photo was somehow taken which later combined two shots, and
    Ricky must have raced around to the other end!

    Yes, they did something like that. When my class went to Washington (1959), the two bus drivers,
    Colby Look and ? Erickson, were on the left end, as seen from the camera. After they were
    photographed at that end, they ducked down as the class was scanned, and went to the other end, so
    they're in the picture twice.

    To get another view of the Class of 1963, take a look at them on the Hopedale High Alumini site.

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