Hopedale Community Members

    Below are the names of many members of the Hopedale Community. I've never come across a
    complete list of all the people who joined over the years, but below the list of original members  are
    names of some of the others who joined after the founding. As I come across others who joined after
    1841, I'll add them to the list. The numbers you'll see following some of the names are page numbers
    from History of the Hopedale Community where you can find a mention of that person. (The page
    numbers are for the original version; not the 2010 edition.) Where there are no page numbers, it's either
    because you can easily find many references to that person by skimming HHC, and/or you can find them
    in the index, or I've only found them in the list Ballou gives of all the original members. (HHC, p. 37)
    Names found from sources other than History of the Hopedale Community are followed by asterisks with
    the source below.

    "The membership of the Community was at about its maximum when the change of 1856 was made,
    numbering some one hundred and ten persons. But for obvious reasons it at once began to decrease,
    the process of disintegration and expiration going on by slow degrees until at the expiration of a dozen
    years scarcely more than forty remained, of whom not more than half were residents of Hopedale."  
    Ballou, HHC, p. 305.

    For a more complete list than I have here, see the recently published (2010) edition of Ballou's History of
    the Hopedale Community. Lynn Gordon Hughes has done a wonderful job of digging up many more
    names than you'll find below, and other information as well. Each member's name is followed by date of
    birth and death, date of membership and date of resignation, year active and last year active, spouse,
    and other relationships. Click here if you'd like to order the book at the Friends of Adin Ballou website
                                                    Original Members of the Hopedale Community

    Adin Ballou
    Lucy Hunt Ballou
    Mary Louisa Capron Brown
    Samuel Silsbee Brown, 79, 21
    Barbara Barker Colburn, 78
    Samuel Colburn
    Abigail Draper Cook, 175
    William Walker Cook, 79, 270
    Anna Thwing Draper
    Ebenezer Daggett Draper   
    Ann Eliza Fish, 270
    William Henry Fish
    Emily Gay
    Charles Gladding, 79
    Ruth Shrove Gladding
    Martha Harris
    Nathan Harris
    David Rich Lamson
    Mary Lamson
    Caroline Hayden Lillie
    Henry Lillie  
    Lemuel Munyon
    Amos Wood Pitts
    Mary Ann Pitts
    Jemima Sherman
    George Whittemore Stacy
    Charlotte Taft Thayer
    Perry Thayer
    Levi Tower
    John Wheeler
    Miriam P. Wheeler
    Daniel Sanderson Whitney


    The first [death of a Community member in 1853] was that of Sally Borden, who passed on at Charlton
    on the 15th of April, in the 44th year of her age. She was one of the original members of the Community
    and paid the first hundred dollars into its Joint-Stock Fund. HIstory of the Hopedale Community, p. 244.

    I thought the sentence above was interesting because Ballou states that Sally Borden was an original
    Community member, but she doesn't appear on the list above. Possibly the list is only of members who
    moved to Hopedale in the first year. Probably there were other members who supported the Community
    by buying stock, but didn't live in Hopedale. In Hopedale: Commune to Company Town, (p. 27), Edward
    Spann writes, "One of the original investors in the joint-stock association, Sally Borden, had come to
    Hopedale to recover from the nervous breakdown that had temporarily confined her to the state insane
    asylum; she found no respite and withdrew to a decade of physical and mental torment that ended only
    with her death at age forty-three." According to the Hughes edition of History of the Hopedale Community,
    she joined the Community on January 5, 1842.

                                                     Community Members Who Joined After 1841                

    Mary Abbott**
    Abner Adams, 270
    Stephen Albee, 270, 306
    Lyman Allen, 280
    Amos Ballou***
    Joseph B. Bancroft   
    Sylvia W. Bancroft     
    Cyrus Bradbury, 283, 316
    Reuben H. Brown*, 63
    Mrs. Reuben H. Brown*, 63
    Bryan J. Butts, 325
    Daniel Carter, 211, 283
    D.B. Chapman, 211
    Mary J. Colburn, 195
    George Draper   
    George Gay, 283, 325
    Harriet Greene
    Horatio Edson, 190
    George O. Hatch, 283
    John Lowell Heywood, 270, 318
    William S. Heywood
    John Hill, 169
    Sarah B. Holbrook, 270
    Charlotte P. Hooten*, 63
    Almira B. Humphrey, 270, 283
    William H. Humphrey
    Melissa Inman, 283
    Ellijah S. Mulliken, 270, 284
    Helen L. Mulliken, 270
    C.G. Munyan**
    D.A. Mundy**
    Lucy Patrick, 322
    Abby Hills Price  
    Charles Henry Price***
    Edmund Price, 205
    Thomas Provan**
    Rebecca Provan**
    Clement O. Reed (also sp Read) 171, 201
    Edmund Soward
    Abbie Spaulding, 270
    Asaph Spaulding, 190
    Harriet Thompson   
    Almon Thwing  
    Mary A. Walden, 396
    Richard Walker, 283
    Noyes S. Wentworth, 270
    Sarah Howard Wentworth***
    Butler Wilmarth, 204  
    Jerome Wilmarth, 306
    Phila Wilmarth, 202

    *   These names didn't appear on a list of original members, but were among the first families to move
    into the Old House in 1842.

    **  These names came from a list of delegates to the Worcester Women's Rights Convention of 1850.
    They were said to be from Hopedale so it seems reasonable to assume that they were Community

    ***   From Ballou's History of Milford.

    ****Mentioned in Hopedale Reminiscences (Old House story)

    I've given the names Lemuel Munyon and C.G. Munyan as I found them spelled. I don't know if one was
    spelled incorrectly or if they are correct, and perhaps the two weren't even related. Lemuel's name
    appears often enough so that it seems likely that Munyon would be correct for him. C.G. Munyan was
    taken from a list at the Worcester convention and it could well be that it was copied from a signature that
    was difficult to read.

                                                                          Settlement at Hopedale

    No other meeting of the Community was held until after a substantial settlement had been made on our
    Hopedale domain and practical operations effectively inaugurated. Br. Henry Lillie had already gone
    thither with his family, having taken possession of part of the ancient dwelling-house the previous
    October [1841], and assumed charge of the Community property on the premises. He was our pioneer
    settler. On the 28th of the same month, a daughter was born to himself and wife, the first Hopedale child,
    who was named Lucy Ballou Lillie, in honor of my wife. This made the family, parents and children, six in
    number. On the 20th of January, three weeks after the annual meeting, the second family arrived, that of
    Br. Nathan Harris, consisting of himself, wife and four children. Next appeared Br. Ebenezer Draper, his
    wife, Anna T. Draper, and Wm. T. Stacey, a lad they had taken to bring up, about the middle of March. A
    few days later, on the 22d, I removed my family there, four of us, and also Mrs. Charles P. Hooten, to
    whom I had sub-let a portion of my house in Mendon some months before in anticipation of locating at
    Hopedale, about this time, with her children, four more. Br. Daniel S. Whitney, Br. Wm. W. Cook and wife,
    and Brother Reuben H. Brown and wife, soon followed; so that on the 1st of April, 1842, the Community
    family numbered twenty-eight persons. Adin Ballou, History of the Hopedale Community, pp. 62 - 63.

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