F. A. Darling is mentioned in a Milford News article about an auto parade around
    Milford and Hopedale in 1904. In the story, it was reported that Frank Darling "operated
    the levers for his party." The Hopedale town directory for that year says that Frank G.
    Darling was a foreman in the rubber spindle department and lived at 6 Freedom,
    corner of Dutcher. The numbers have started near the Milford line for a long time. They
    must have been very different then if 6 Freedom was at the corner of Dutcher.

    This appears to be the area across from 54 Freedom
    Street. Except for the fence, which looks like it must have
    been on the Darling property, it still looks about the same.

    In 1920, Edwin and Carrie Darling took in Hester Springer, age 15, as a foster child. Hester later married Clarence
    Chilson and lived in the house at 54 Freedom Street until her death, a couple of months after she turned 100 in
    2005. For many years Clarence operated a radio and tv repair business out of the house. Their son, Kendall, lives
    there now. (2013)  In the 1990s, Hester donated an album of photos, including the ones above, to the Bancroft
    Library. She also donated about 100 of Edwin's glass negatives.

    The Williams house at 42 Hopedale Street, shown above, would have been a bit north of the Bancroft Library and
    the Bancroft house. It must have been a victim of Draper expansion.

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    This model boat was made by Edwin
    Darling and given to Wesley Hixon.