This picture was taken in the 1890s by William Barney.  Take a close look at the bottom of the picture, a little to the right of center.  Doesn't that look
    like the cupola on the Little Red Shop?  It's not on the Shop here, though.  From several other views, it appears to be on a tower on the roof of a
    building connected to the Little Red Shop when the shop was still on the south side of Freedom Street. At the lower left of this photo you can see a
    little of the roof of the enclosed walkway (or "runway" as it's called in an article in Cotton Chats) that can be seen in several other pictures connecting
    the Red Shop to a three story brick building.  The tower with the cupola is on that building.  Evidently after the Red Shop was moved to the north side
    of Freedom Street, west of the pond, the cupola was moved from its original location to the roof of the Red Shop. Possibly the building that it had
    been on was demolished and someone got the idea that the cupola was a nice little item that should be saved.

    Also visible in this picture are several boat houses, the Henry Patrick icehouse on the east side of the pond and another icehouse on the west side.  
    I would have probably assumed that the building on the west bank was a barn, but old maps identify it as an icehouse.

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