First Communion, Sacred Heart Church, 1979

    Front row: Amy Riegle, Tim Burke, ? Michelle Moore, Kristen Kayberry, Carla Antonellis, Billy Stare, Pam Grady.

    Second row: Matt Caron, Paul Moore, Rich Melin, Alfred Andreola, Joey McGrath, ?, Stacey Phelan.

    Third Row: J.Moore, Robin Pellegrino, Alison Ronan, Kevin Garabedian, ?, ?, ?, ?

    Fourth row: Lenny DeGeorge, Scott Lemerese, Jen Drugan, E.J. Paturzo, ?, Cheryl Small, Shannon Clement.

    Fifth row: Carla Guerra, Fitzgerald, Kristen Harlow, Cheryl Daudelin, Amy Tattersall, Peter Briggs, ?

    The priest is Father Dennis O'Brien.

    Thanks to Carol Pellegrino and Robyn (Pellegrino) Tower for the names. For additional identifications, send by
    email link on homepage.

    In March 2014, I received the following:

    I noticed some question marks for some of the first communion kids and I have a few of them. In the row with
    Kevin Garabedian, the 4 unknowns after him are Brett Circe(also happened to live in that mystery house:)),
    Louise Ciffizari(sp), Roger St. Armand and Chris Felton
    Next to Timmy Burke is Scott Ferrera
    Next to Joey McGrath is Clarissa Rideout
    Next to Peter Briggs is Kenneth Kearnan
    Sorry if these are all out of order by row, i am not looking at the picture.

    Thanks for the history!
    Cheryl Daudelin Carroll

    The next day I received this: I have one of the other people in this picture, in the 4th Row (in between EJ Paturzo
    and Sheril Small) is Elizabeth Bean.  Also, I noticed that "Fitzgerald" doesn't have a first name listed--it is Sean.  
    Thanks for sharing the memories--I have had this picture hanging in my house for years!
    Amy Tattersall Sutton

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