Hopedale Friends of Elders

                                         MISSION STATEMENT OF THE ORGANIZATION

    The purpose of this non-profit organization shall be to institute fund raising projects, seek contributions and
    donations through membership, corporate gifts and grants so as to render financial support to the Hopedale
    Council on Aging for items, services and programs not provided by local and state government; thereby
    advancing the welfare of the senior citizens, age sixty (60) and over and/or disabled residents of the Town of

    The shop hours are now 9:30 to 12:30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    We take donations of linens, knickknacks, decorations, books and small household items.  No electronics,
    clothes or large furniture.   

    The officers of the FOE are; Sally Decelles President, Joan McMullin Secretary and Tara Chambers Treasurer.

    The Friends of Elders Shop is on the Depot Street side of the Town Hall.