A.  Fire station
Ebenezer and Anna Thwing Draper home
Almon Thwing home  (It seems that escaped slaves probably stayed here. In Hopedale Reminiscences, Anna Thwing Field mentions it. The house was either razed or moved. The house now on the site was the home of Lura Bancroft Day and her husband, Charles Day.)
General William F. and Susan Preston Draper home.  At least that's the location but nothing much shows up in this photo.  It's now the site of the high school.
E.  The Unitarian Church.  This was demolished and replaced by the present Unitarian Church in 1898 which was probably not too long after this photo was taken.
George and Hannah Thwing Draper home
G.  The Harrison Block
H.  The
Town Hall
Joseph and Sylvia Thwing Bancroft home
J.  Dr. Fish home.  Since 1898, the site of the
Bancroft Memorial Library.
K.  The Hopedale Stable.  This was one of several locations run by the Stable.
How did that happen???  I forgot to include the
Warren Dutcher house.  Well, rather than go through a dozen or so steps to do it the right way, I'll just describe it.  The tower on the fire station is pointing righ at it.  It's still there on the corner of Adin and Dutcher Streets.
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