When the Griffin Apartments were built, the sewage from the facility was pumped to the treatment plant
    on the other side of Route 16. This continued with the Dennett Apartments that were built some years
    later. Because of continuing problems with the pump becoming clogged, the Hopedale Housing
    Authority looked into the possibility of a gravity feed to the treatment plant. Due to various difficulties, it
    took about five years after the process began, but as shown above, it was approaching completion in
    1989. The route between the apartments and the sewage plant included the Grafton & Upton Railroad
    crossing at Route 16. To compensate for digging up the track there, the railroad was paid $10,000.
    They hadn't been running trains over the crossing for some time, and they chose not to replace it.

    Below - Replacing the crossing at Mendon Street - 2013.

Grafton & Upton Railroad Crossings

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