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October 2012
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November 2012

    No's 7 & 8 freight motors are in fact built by the American Locomotive Co (Schenectady, NY) and come
    in many dates and sizes. From looking at a few sites these short ones were firstly built around 1907
    and were known as " steeple cabs," weight 36 1/2 tons and powered by GE motors. Here's a site that
    shows one with " Bush Terminal R/R Co " painted on its side. Sent by Peter Metzke, Melbourne,

    In regard to the photos of G&U locomotives, When Dave Harris and I worked on the tracks
    in the summer of 1959, I had occasion to ride in the two1946 locomotives with the cab in
    the center. As I recall, they had 2- 350 hp engines and were made by GE. The 1948 1000 hp
    GE engine could haul about twice the cars that the older ones could. I remember that one
    day the train was about 24-25 cars long and they had to use both the 1948 and one of the
    1946 engines to pull the load to Grafton.   Kurt Anderson, May 2016

    In December 2017 I had some emails from Chip Marshall in Silver Spring, Maryland concerning the G&U electric
    locomotives, 7 and 8. He was working on the history of the U.S. Navy railroad at Indian Head, Maryland. I was able to send
    him a page from Gordon Hopper's History of the G&U which mentioned that "...serial number 6391 (G&U No. 7) was
    diverted to the U.S. Government Naval Proving Grounds at Indian Head, Maryland. Below this textbox is the paragraph from
    Hopper that tells of where 7 and 8 went when the G&U switched to diesel. Thanks to Chip for the drawing above .Here's
    more from Chip sent on December 9.

    In looking through pictures and the one drawing I have of Indian Head #7, the big difference is the G&U units have tool
    chests next to the hoods, fore and aft.  The Indian Head unit has no such features.

    The Indian Head base had two Westinghouse engines, two GE engines, and two Baldwin (1898) units.  There may have
    been more.  I've seen pictures of former Baltimore (MD) trollies and several units that look like the freight unit on the
    Washington & Old Dominion/Hagerstown & Frederick.

    I've attached the drawing I have of Indian Head #7 and a detail from the same drawing.  If, in your travels you come across
    ANYTHING of US Navy railroads I would interested in hearing about it.

Above and below - January 30, 2017