following is from the September 2004 edition of The Hopedale Informer, the monthly newsletter of the
    Hopedale Council on Aging.

                                                                    "Camel Red"

    A true story highlighting the life of World War II veteran and BVA Life Member Lawrence (Larry) J. Heron
    and his family will be released in both hard copy and paperback in early July 2004.

    Authored by Greg Page, Camel Red is a story of love, loyalty, sacrifice, and independence.  The book
    introduces its readers to Larry, a promising young athlete from Hopedale, Massachusetts, who
    entertains dozens of college football scholarship offers and possibilities to play baseball for the New
    York Yankees and Boston Braves but who eventually goes to war.

    Larry volunteers to unload mortar rounds from a truck in harm's way, an act that freed an entire
    battalion from a German "rattrap."  In the process, he loses both eyes and is wounded so seriously
    that no one believes initially that he can survive.  His wounds resulted in surgeries, which he endured
    throughout his life while still working to support his family.

    Camel Red is told from the perspective of Larry's wife, Azelia Noferi Heron, as she looks back on her
    life.  The book is published by iUniverse and contains a forward by former Senator Bob Dole.  It will be
    available through Barnes and Noble and other major book outlets.

    Larry Heron passed away in 1995 and was followed in death by Azelia in 2000.


                                              Hopedale Infantryman Loses Eyesight

    HOPEDALE, Aug 10 [1944] - Mrs. Azelia Heron received word yesterday from her husband, Corp.
    Lawrence Heron, in a letter written by a Red Cross nurse, stating that he lost the sight of both eyes.
    The family members hope that the affliction will prove to be but temporary. A telegram was received by
    Mrs. Heron July 11, notifying her that her husband was seriously wounded in France on June 26, and
    was in a hospital in England. He is the son of Mrs. Emma Heron.

    The news which caused great sorrow to the members of the Heron family, was relieved somewhat
    when a letter arrived the same day from Mrs. Heron's brother, Pvt. Guido Noferi, dated July 21, stating
    that he was at a rest camp. He was offically reported missing Aug. 2. Milford Daily News.

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