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    June 15, 2010
    No. 158
    Northrop, Kellogg and Barney

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    Here’s another early sixties Hopedale Little League team picture.

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    Hopedale band concert schedule:

    June 23 - Infractions
    June 30 - Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band
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    July 7 - Mahrud
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    Aug. 4 - B C and Company

    The shows will be held every Wednesday night from 7 to 9pm with a rain date of Thursday evenings.
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                                             Northrop, Kellogg and Barney

    The following articles come from a time when I think it would be only a slight exaggeration to say that in
    Hopedale, everybody knew everybody.  James Northrop had left for California long before, but his name was
    still well known here.  Sam Kellogg and William Barney were certainly known to all. Kellogg’s name
    remained very familiar in town for decades after his death in 1943. I became aware of Barney while working
    on the Hopedale book that was published in 2003. Many of the photographs included in it were taken by him
    in the 1890s.

    Death of Noted Inventor

    James H. Northrop
    Developed Northrop
    Automatic Loom

           James H. Northrop, noted inventor and for whom the celebrated Northrop loom of the Draper Corp. was
    named, died last night in his home in Santa Ana, Cal., where he had resided since 1898. Word of the death
    reached Hopedale by telegraph this morning. Mr. Northrop was a brother of the late Jonas and Joseph
    Northrop, who were also employed by the Draper concern many years ago.

           Mr. Northrop in 1890 developed the battery and self-threading shuttle, which were the basic features of
    the automatic Northrop loom, which was sold for the first time four years later.

           James H. Northrop was born in Keighley, Yorkshire, England, and early in life learned the trade of
    machinist. He came to this country in 1871 and landed in Boston with two shillings. From Boston he went to
    Woonsocket for a short while and afterward came to Hopedale, where he was located until removing to the
    west. Mr. Northrop had visited in Hopedale many times since retiring.

           After retiring from active duty with the Draper firm, Mr. Northrop purchased a large fruit farm in Santa
    Ana. His wife, five daughters, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren survive. Milford Daily News,
    December 13, 1940.

    W. H. Barney
    Of Hopedale
    80 Years Old

           William H. Barney, who attained his 80th birthday anniversary today has a achieved a record of unusual
    length of service as manager of the Hopedale Coal and Ice Co., having recently completed 51 years in that
    capacity. Mr. Barney came to Milford in 1882, where he was employed by the Milford Water Co., as
    superintendent, leaving in 1890 to assume his duties here.

           Actively engaged in supervising the business through the years, Mr. Barney at present is directing his
    men in preparation for the annual ice harvest.

           For the past two days the task of clearing the ice has been in progress and if fair, cold weather prevails,
    cutting will start this week

           Mr. Barney enjoys good health and has maintained his cheerful smile and youthful appearance despite
    his years. He was the recipient of messages and gifts from his family and host of friends today. There will
    be no observance. Milford Daily News, January 29, 1941.

    Kellogg Honored
    In Hopedale

           Samuel E. Kellogg, who has the distinction of holding the town offices of chief of police, chief of the fire
    department, street superintendent, constable, lockup keeper, forest fire warden, tree warden, and
    superintendent of gypsy moth extermination, was guest of honor at a turkey supper at the fire station
    Saturday evening in honor of his 75th birthday anniversary.

           Chief Kellogg was presented with a table radio by the guests, including members of the police, fire and
    highway departments and intimate friends. After the supper and smoker Madison H. Goff showed several
    reels of excellent movies. Milford Daily News, February 17, 1941.


    Recent death:

    Carlton G. Morgan, 94, Marietta, Georgia, June 2, 2010.

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    Scene from the Hopedale Coal & Ice Co. icehouse on Hopedale
    Pond. Photo from a glass slide taken by William H. Barney