Star Natators Enter Hopedale Swim Meet

                                                         Second Annual Meet to Be Conducted by
                                                Hopedale Park Department Tomorrow Afternoon
                                                         Draws Aquatic Stars from All Over State

      Judging from the star-studded list of entries the annual swimming meet conducted by the Hopedale
      Park Department and sponsored by the N.E.A.A.U. is rapidly taking rank as one of the outstanding
      meets in New England.

      Tomorrow afternoon the second annual meet to be held at Hopedale Pond will find some of the
      outstanding amateur natators in the East competing for titles recognized by the N.E.A.A.U. governing
      body of amateur swimming in the country.

      In addition to his own two daughters, Ruth and Frances, Alfred J. Howarth has received the entry
      blanks of Dot Cantwell, present 200-yard backstroke champion, Peggy Graham and Elinor Kyle, two of
      the outstanding competitors in the 100-meter freestyle event, and Ralph DesRosiers and Johnny
      Ryan, who have established marks in the 220-yard freestyle and 100-meter backstroke distances for

      Ruth Howarth is confidently expected to splash Dot Cantwell’s record into oblivion in the 200-yard
      backstroke and her sister, Frances, is booked to cop the 100-yard backstroke event. Ryan is the
      favorite in the 220-yard freestyle event for men but the Worcester star will find a battle on his hands
      with Andy Diamantopolis of the Pawtucket Boys’ Club and Rollie Higgins of the Lawrence Y strong

      The battle in the 100-meter freestyle for women will very likely simmer down to Peggy Graham and
      Elinor Kyle, and DesRosiers has been made the favorite in the 100-meter backstroke for men.

      The meet which will start at 2 o’clock under the direction of N.E.A.A.U. officials, also has two events
      which are closed to all but Hopedale residents. Entered in the 50-meter freestyle for Hopedale boys
      are Robert Holland, Sheldon Nourse, Fred Goodnow, Ames Sadler, Robert Turner and Willard Tucker.
      In the same event for girls, entries have been received from Virginia Bonin, Jean Barker, Gloria Hall,
      Edna Cyr, Marie Burns, Shirley Webster, Doris Knight and Barbara Eckersall. Milford Daily News,
     August 5, 1938.

    I’ve copied this as it was written, although it has what seems to me a strange mix of yards and meters.
    The August 8th article on the results of the meet give all events they reported as meters. I presume
    that's the way it should have been in this article too.

      See the results of the race below.

The Howarth Sisters

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