On April 5th, I walked along the edge of the pond above the bathhouse and saw
    that it was all open along the shore. Just a bit further up, the rest of the pond was
    free of ice. However by the next day, the ice had moved over to the shore, so I
    had to paddle through it for about 30 or 40 feet. Most of it was rather slushy, but
    some was solid and I had to go over it. In the picture above, I was looking back
    to the ice I had just gone through.

When has the ice been gone in other years? Click here to see.

Hopedale in April   

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And April 8 was the "iceout day" for 2015.

    There was still a little ice in the cove on
    the 12th,but it was gone by the next day.