"The Old Swimming Hole," just a little
    upstream from the Rustic Bridge.

    The turtle in the two pictures above was a bit sluggish and
    didn't dive into the water as quickly as they usually do,
    probably because the temperature was in the low 60s.
    Asters They were growing by the shore near the big oak
    tree next to Hopedale Street, where I put my kayak in.
                                          Hopedale Pond - October 7, 2008

    October 7 was a beautiful fall day. I could have done some painting around the house,
    or maybe a bit of yard work, but at 3:30 I decided to put my little nine foot kayak in the
    back of the car and go for a paddle on Hopedale Pond. There wouldn't be that many
    days left or that sort of thing before winter. All except for the top two pictures were taken
    upstream from the Rustic Bridge.

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