The photos above show storm damage on the
    afternoon of August 28 along Dutcher Street.

    Mendon Street entrance to Hopedale
    Village Cemetery - August 28.

    Hopedale Village Cemetery - The stone near the flags is where
    Victor Lamothe was buried only about two weeks ago.

    Bancroft Park - August 28. Most of the streets in
    town looked like this for a day or so after the storm.

Hopedale Town Park

                                  Hurricane Irene - August 28, 2011

    By the time Irene reached Massachusetts, it had slowed enough to be
    classified as a tropical storm. Nevertheless, it managed to do a lot of damage.
    The pictures above just show a few scenes I happened to see in the hours
    after the storm had passed. Other areas no doubt were worse, although as I
    write this on August 30, I haven't seen anywhere with as much damage on one
    street as Dutcher Street. Those of us at this end of town lost electricity as a
    result of those trees that came down, and when I checked the National Grid
    website an hour ago, it had a prediction of September 2 for a return of power
    here. I'm writing this with the assistance of my generator.