1)  A picture of myself (Jay Johnson) in the mid 70's.  I was about 20 years old.  Route 16 near the Mendon line.  I believe it was a woman from Uxbridge who hit a pole.

   2)  The old Hopedale station wagon.  Many a victim from the ski tow was hauled away to the hospital in the rear.  I remember that there was just about one every weekend. Date on the rear of the picture is 12-2-67, long before I was a PO.  Notice sticker on rear tailgate ( Ozzela Dodge)

   3)  Another view of the wagon.  Accident circumstances unknown

   4)  Looking down South Main Street at Plain.  Taken 4-17-58.    I was 4 1/2 then..

   5)  Same area with accident vehicles in street

   6)  Looking up Plain Street at Mill Street.  Long before my time...

    7)  South Main at the Mendon Line.  Date unknown

   8  Looking in the opposite direction from picture #4  Across from Plain Street.

   9)  I am not sure who this is.  Maybe Bobby Phillips?

   The pictures on this page are from the 1960s and 1970s, except for number 6. They and the captions were sent by Jay Johnson.

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