Old time football padding, I guess

    These pictures were taken from negatives at the Bancroft Library.. A few are in envelopes with a bit of
    information, but in many cases we'll probably never know who the people were. In addition to the late
    nineteenth and early twentieth century negatives, the library has a large number of Draper negatives, mainly
    from the 1940s and 1950s.

    The evidence suggests that the pictures were taken by Edwin Darling. Darling was a selectman from the
    1890s into the 1920s. He lived at 54 Freedom Street. If you were in Hopedale a few decades ago, you may
    remember the house as the home of Clarence Chilson, who operated his radio and tv business there.
    Darling was the foster father of Chilson's wife, Hester.

    Here are some observations on the pictures sent by Peter Metzke:

    Hello Dan,

    Interesting, as all these have ( I think ) the same dog and the same women. The two youngsters playing
    baseball is another one of interest as one has grown up and sits with the dog a good four to five years later.
    Note in that shot with them playing the old cart pulled partly across the road

    Then as we look, the same woman looking at one of those yearly fashion books, so well done in these times
    and costing about 10c., also note those photos on the wall - the house could be the one they are sitting in or
    another earlier one.

    These are very good in quality and tell many stories. Note the boots of that era with the side clasps on them
    for the crisscross lacing ( first time used - crisscross, but it had to come one day ). One item missing is those
    old lace collars always worn by the women so its putting the date a little in front of that era - at a very rough
    guess somewhere in the 1890's, but need to study that further...

    Many thanks for sending Dan, I will take another look tonight.

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