Here are Phil Roberts and his cousin, Cynthia (Roberts) Eicholtz, the bride and groom of a
    Lilliputian wedding. The picture, taken by James Peavey, was dated March 12, 1949. Here's
    what Phil wrote when he saw the other pages on the Lilliputian weddings.

    Dan,    Okay, I confess.  I was illegally married to my cousin, Cynthia, as a  child.  The wedding
    was endorsed by my parents.  The entire expense was borne by the "Hopedale Woman's
    Club." I think my mother might have been club president at the time. I remember being
    dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a cigar (that my dad made by wrapping masking tape around
    a pencil, and  painting it brown). The question I can't answer is, "Why?"  I dunno' if it  was a
    fund-raising venture, or was done just for fun.  My memory ain't that  good!!!


    A few days later, I heard from Phil again. He had looked through old family photos and found
    one of the "wedding" that you see above. Here's a bit of what he had to say about it.

    "I'm wearing a bow tie that's bigger than my head, a tuxedo with striped lapels, and I'm
    carrying a top-hat.  I look like a circus barker.

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