This picture of The Little Red Shop was taken from Five Generations of Loom Builders.  It's shown on its third location, by Hopedale Pond, near
    Freedom, Progress and Lake streets.  The reason for including it here is that the caption indicates that originally it was probably less than half its
    present length.  Unlike any of the photos of the shop in its second location, it now has a cupola. As mentioned on other pages, the shop almost
    certainly wasn't built in 1841. The first family to move into the Old House, moved in near the end of that year and no doubt had other things to do
    before they started building a shop. Also, Adin Ballou wrote that they built their first shop in 1842. Even then, it was many years before it looked
    anything like it does in the picture above.

    To see the shop when it still had two stories, click here.  To see a picture titled Four Early Shops and a drawing of that picture with some
    interesting notes added by Frank Dutcher, click here.  

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