Main Office Workers

    Please send names if you know them. You can use the email link on
    the left side of the homepage.

    Identified so far are Craig Huff, far right, back row, and Charlie
    Burhnham, back row with bow tie. (Thanks to Dick Orff for the names.)

    From Fran Welts: The guy in the full suit, second row, left side is
    Jesse D. Bromley.

    From Bob Narducci: Regarding the picture of the Draper Corp. main
    office workers, I have recognized 3 workers.  The small man in the
    front row is Johnny Chapman who lived in Milford most of his life.  He
    was a drum student of my Dad's and did a lot of playing in the area.  I
    believe that Edna (Cenedella) Cosetta's husband, Bob, is the tall
    man on the front right.  The man in the upper left corner (rear)
    appears to be Winburn  Dennett's son.  That's the best I can do!

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