Hopedale, 1854

    The pictures at the bottom of the map show the church, built in 1860, on the
    same site as the 1898 Unitarian Church, and a building that may have been, in
    part, anyway, the Little Red Shop. This picture is in a Cotton Chats article that
    reports that it is the Red Shop. It doesn't look much like it, unless the front part
    was eventually demolished and the ell projecting at the right is what remains.
    And what is the 1860 church doing on an 1854 map? Evidently the pictures were
    added to the map later. There are similarities, but important differences (such as
    the clock) between the drawing of the church on the map and a photo of the
    church. (Click on the Unitarian Church link above to see the picture.)  And was
    the map drawn in 1852, 1853 or 1854? See the comment on the left side of the
    map for more on that. This map is from the 2010 edition of Adin Ballou's History
    of the Hopedale Community.

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