This is a copy of a postcard that sold online in 2006. It was said to be in Hopedale. It appears that this is the
    back of the house. (Note the bulkhead just beyond the swing.) If you know where it is, let me know and I'll add
    the information here. Email link on homepage.

    And that's where the matter stood until February 2011. Then I heard from Nancy Arone who told me that the
    house is at 28 Mendon Street. It's at the corner of Mendon and Highland streets. See the picture below that I took
    the day after Nancy sent the address. I had to take it from a different angle, but I think you can see that they are
    both of the same house.

    We'll probably never know who the people in the picture are. I'll check though the street listings at the Bancroft
    Library and see what I can come up with for names of people who have lived there. The earliest book I have at
    home is for 1928. It gives C. Hubert Draper, age 33, postman, as living there. I'm sure he was one of the "other
    Drapers." That is, one of the two Draper families not related to the Draper Corporation Drapers who lived in
    Hopedale years ago.

    Here's what I found on my first library search. There were no listings for Mendon Street in the early 1920s.. It was
    called Main Street, or sometimes West Main Street. Evidently that name remained for many years after Hopedale
    separated from Milford. Some day I'll look through the books and find what year the change was made. In 1922,
    Emma Jones, 74, and Fanny (66) and Marion (27) Tarbox were there. In the 1898 directory, Lavender Tarbox
    was at 9 Union Street, and Roanna Jones was a boarder there. It seems that at some point Tarbox moved to 28
    Main/Mendon and Emma Jones, with some family connection to Roanna, I presume, went with them. In the
    1898 directory, the houses on some streets had numbers, while others didn't. Main Street houses didn't.

    Dick Grady remembers that the Donley family lived at 28 Mendon Street for some years during the 1960s.

    In March 2016, I received the following: I saw where you were interested in who may have lived at 28 Mendon
    Street, Hopedale, MA  I have been interested in the information in regard to the Draper families.  My aunt Beryl
    H. Kimball was married to C. (Charles) Hubert Draper in 1924. Their son was named H. (Hubert) Kimball
    Draper.  So interesting to come across.  

    A few days later, a bit more. , C. Hubert Draper was born 1896, went to private school, and lived on Park Street,
    Hopedale. I don't know how long he lived there. Parents were William N. Draper and Annie E. Draper.  I have a
    picture of the home shown on 28 Mendon Street when he and my aunt were married.  She taught at a private
    school.  They had a boarder named Elsie M. Crooker and she taught in a public school. .My aunt Dorothy Martin
    Kimball also lived there and graduated from Hopedale High School in 1927.  She went on to Salem State
    College, Salem, MA and then to teach in Attleboro. (William N. Draper was the "Billy Draper" of Billy Draper's
    Store.)     Janice Wood

    Next I heard from Pam (Conlin) Maloney who said she and her family were there from 1984 to 1999.

    A bit after that there was a response from David Snider. Here's what he wrote: Claude F Snider and family
    (Melissa Duncan Snider, Claude F. Jr., David and Melissa Claire) moved into 28 Mendon Street right after
    Hamilton W. Thayer and family moved a block down the street to their house on Highland St. That, by the way,
    was 1940 (we moved in the late summer, shortly before school opened for the year. All the while we lived there,
    btw, it was painted white with black shutters.When Draper went out of the housing business and sold the town to
    its inhabitants, my father bought 28 Mendon Street. When he retired and Mr. & Mrs. Snider moved to St. Croix in
    the US Virgin Islands, they sold the house to Dad's cousin, Robert Donley, who, incidentally, was one of the three
    people who took over the duties of the retiree. Robert Donley became Comptroller, though I have no
    recollection of who became Secretary and who became Treasurer.

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