Mendon Town Beach
    The Town of Mendon's purchase of White's Beach on the eastern shore of Lake Nipmuc in 1964 opened up
    new recreational opportunities that have greatly improved our way of life. Through the foresight of town
    officials and the support of Mendon town meeting voters, the beach, cottage, and other buildings were
    purchased for twenty-two thousand dollars. Conservation Commission chairman, James Grant, Jim's father,
    worked with state officials in getting the town reimbursed fifty percent, so the final purchase price was eleven
    thousand dollars......a pretty good deal. Townspeople volunteered to clean up the shore line, add sand,
    repair and paint the buildings, and maintain the grounds.

    The summer of 1965 marked another recreational milestone, for not only did renovations continue, a  
    program director was appointed who would change the summer lives of Mendon children and teenagers for
    many years to come. Allan J. Byrne Sr. worked with the conservation commission and park department to
    create an outstanding annual summer activities program that still exists today. He provided a variety of
    activities that were of interest to young people of all ages. He established a Red Cross swimming program
    that included swimming lessons and water safety. He created an arts and crafts program and provided
    many sports activities that included basketball, baseball, whiffle ball, croquet, and many others. He
    organized interesting and creative events to showcase children's hobbies and favorite toys. With his
    background as an outstanding athlete, coach, teacher, and family man, the highly skilled Allan Byrne brought
    new life to the shores of beautiful Lake Nipmuc. Mendon Town Beach became the place where every kid in
    town wanted to be on a summer day.  His enthusiasm in creating a very popular recreation area in the
    1960's generated public support for the future town purchase and development of Memorial Field and the
    passive recreation area of Nipmuc Woods.


    Below - Photos from the dedication of the basketball court at Memorial Field, Mendon to the Allan J. Byrne
    family on June 27, 2016. Thanks to Dick Grady for sending them. Dick also wrote the history of the town
    beach and field, above.

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                               Mendon basketball court renamed to honor resident

                                                                 By Corin Cook - Daily News Staff

       MENDON - A longtime resident and volunteer in town has recently received an honor for all of his hard work
    with the Parks Department.

       On June 26, the Mendon Parks Department officially named the basketball court at Memorial Park the
    “Byrne Family Basketball Court” in honor of resident Allan Byrne Sr.

       According to parks director Dan Byer, Byrne was the first beach director of the Mendon Town Beach when it
    opened in 1965.

       “He served in this position for several years and created many programs that are still in existence today,”
    according to a Parks Department press release, including swimming lessons, arts and crafts and
    recreational activities for children.

       It added, “his enthusiasm in creating a very popular recreation area was instrumental in generating public
    support for the purchases of the Memorial Park and Nipmuc Woods properties (sites of the current Memorial
    Park and Playground.)”

       The basketball court was appropriately named in Byrne’s honor, as he also coached the Nipmuc Warriors
    basketball team in the 1960s, leading the team to a Clark Tournament championship in 1964.

       Members of the Parks Department honored Byrne and his family in a ceremony in front of the court on June

       A banner was placed on the fence in front of the court displaying its new name.

       The Byrne Basketball Court at Memorial Park is open for public use 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

       The court was renovated in the summer of 2014 utilizing Community Preservation Funds.

       Milford Daily News, July 6, 2016.