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    February 16 - Death of Mrs. Pamelia (Blunt) Draper, widow of George Draper.

    March 15 - Milford High School entirely destroyed by a supposed incendiary fire.

    April 5 - M.H.& F. Street Railway Co. is installing a 400 horsepower generator in its power-house off
    Sumner street.

    June 13 - A Golf Club is formed by several young ladies who have leased about 50 acres of land on
    Mrs. Flanagan's farm on the Upton road.

    September 17 - Magomiscock Golf Club organized.

    November 14 - Horace Adams of Mendon and E.L. Osgood of Hopedale elected representatives in
    Tenth Worcester district.

    December 26 - Storage battery property purchased by Lapworth & Sons for manufacture of elastic

    February 4 - Milfords temporary high school destroyed by fire.

    September 4 - Tuition price per year, for the out-of -town pupils at the high school is $40.

    December 11 - The new telephone exchange switchboard registers about 400 subscribers.

    March 23 - Nipmuc Park, Mendon, "Nature's Beauty Spot," opened tonight by Milford Street Railway
    employees' dance. Fully 1,200 present.

    March 26 - The Price property at the corner of Prospect and Main streets acquired for proposed Milford

    June 16 - Hon. and Mrs. Eben S. Draper of Hopedale are to present to Milford a $50,000 hospital to be
    erected at the corner of Main and Prospect streets.  (Early hospital pictures)

    June 21 - Official opening of Grafton & Upton road (electrically equipped). The fares were reduced
    from 55 to 25 cents from Milford to North Grafton.

    July 4 - Miss Mabel Ward badly injured while making her initial parachute leap at Hoag Lake Park,
    Bellingham. Amputation of left leg necessary.

    July 23 - Dillon Bros. Awarded contract to build Milford Hospital, from specifications of architect Robert
    Allen Cook.

    September 23 - Gen W.F. Draper presents Co. M with $200 to buy a piano.

    September 29 - Mrs. Frances D. Colburn of Hopedale, presented Hospital with a gift of $10,000 in
    memory of her husband and her daughter.

    December 2 - Booker T. Washington, noted Negro teacher, addressed a meeting of Quinshipaug
    Woman's Club and guests.

    December 9 - Cold wave, with thermometers registering 14 degrees below zero. Shortage of coal,
    due to miners' strike, makes situation acute.

    April 4 - George O. Draper of Hopedale, sells controlling interest in the Milford Pink Granite
    Construction Company to New York capitalists.  (Quarry pictures)

    June 11 - Largest derrick in New England erected at Milford Quarry Co. plant.

    July 24 - Milford Hospital is presented to the people of Milford, the gift of Hon. and Mrs. Eben S. Draper.
    The presentation took place at Charles River Driving Park before a large gathering and is the only
    notable beneficial gift ever made to this town.

    August 27 - Milford Hospital opened for inspection.

    September 1 - Milford Hospital opened today with ten patients. Mark Tiernan, Civil war veteran, first
    patient admitted.

    October 17 - First baby born in Milford Hospital, a girl, to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fleming.

    November 3 - Hon. E.L. Osgood reelected senator.

    May 13 - There are about 800 granite workers employed in Milford, with a weekly wage of $13,000.

    August 4 - The first automobile parade ever held in Milford. There were seventeen machines in the
    line, led by the 16-horsepower Wayne touring car of W.D. Leahy.

    September 1 - Since its opening a year ago today, 148 patients, as well as 30 outpatients, have been
    treated at Milford Hospital. Miss Hannah Seavey is the superintendent.

    November 18 - The first demonstration of an X-ray machine in Milford is given in Milford Hospital.

    February 15 - Competition among Milford restaurants results in one selling a 21-meal ticket for $3.50.

    April 5 - Milford Pink Granite quarries receive contract to furnish granite for new Pennsylvania Railway
    station in New York City for $1,600,000.

    October 2 - The house on Prospect street next to the Hospital, owned by Mrs. E.S. Draper of Hopedale,
    is being remodeled for a nurses' home, Mrs. Draper making the gift to Milford.

    October 25 - Charles River Driving Park sold for $8,000. It closes the famous park for sporting
    attractions as it will be cut up into house lots.

    December 4 - Milford's citizens tender a reception to Eben S. Draper of Hopedale, Lieutenant-
    Governor elect.

    February 16 - Physicians of Milford and Hopedale have voted to increase the price of day calls from $1
    to $1.50; night calls from $1 to $2 and office calls from 50 cents to $1.

    August 28 - Assessor's figures show 614 horses, 346 cows, 56 neat cattle, 35 swine, 1980 dwelling
    houses, and 8,751 acres of land in Milford.

    January 18 - Milford selectmen refuse to permit members of the Mormon Church to conduct meetings
    on streets and squares of the town.

    February 26 - Capt. Richmond Pearson Hobson, hero of Spanish-American War, addressed
    Quinshipaug Woman's Club, on "America's Mighty Mission."

    August 30 - Price of milk advanced from six to seven cents a quart.

    September 2- Automobile, civic and military parade and firemen's muster for the benefit of Milford

    April 1 - Milford's granite industry at a standstill owning to labor difficulties.

    May 19 - The prolonged granite strike ended today.

    November 3 - Lieut-Gov Eben S. Draper elected governor.

    December 8 - Death of Rowland Folger. Aged 85; Milford resident 50 years. He had worked as a
    ship's carpenter and been on whaling voyages; was among those in the famous gold rush of 1849;
    engaged in the sign painting business here.

    December 22 - Gov-elect Draper sends checks to all Churches in Milford for Christmas gifts to aid the

    July 21 - New M. & U. street sprinkler praised by Main street merchants.

    September 1 - Game wardens distribute 20,000 trout in brooks in Milford and vicinity.

    September 18 - Draper Co. baseball team defeated Milford, 6 to 0 in Milford Town Park before 2,800.

    September 25 - Draper Co. baseball team defeated Milford for third consecutive time, 4 to 3.

    November 2 - Adin A. Messinger of Hopedale elected state representative.

    January 11 - Milford selectmen grant permission of owners of fast horses to use Congress street for a
    speedway and the horsemen are leveling the snow and getting the course in readiness for racing.

    January 13 - F.S. Howard claims he drove a Maxwell 30 horsepower, four-cylinder auto, from Boston to
    Milford, in one hour and forty minutes, which is a record.

    January 28 - Gen. William F. Draper died in Washington, aged 67 years, 9 months, 20 days. He was
    an eminently successful businessman, a leader in political affairs of State and Nation, serving as
    Congressman and Ambassador to Italy. He was a veteran of the Civil war, having an enviable record.
    Funeral services were on February 2 in Hopedale, both towns joining in honoring his memory.

    February 6 - Public memorial services in Milford Town Hall for Gen. Draper. His immediate family was
    present, as were also comrades in the Grand Army and others.

    June 15 - Milford selectmen sign contract with the Globe Gaslight Co. of Boston to furnish 163
    gasoline street lights to burn all night and every night for the next three years.

    September 7 - First Congregational Parish votes to accept offer of $10,000 by Mrs. W.F. Draper, for
    their park, for site for a memorial to her husband.

    December 9 - The first  "Pop" concert was held in Milford Town Hall as an aid to the Hospital fund.

    March 15 - Baseball men decided on a four-team circuit comprising of teams from Milford,
    Woonsocket, Hopedale and Whitinsville.

    March 26 - Rev. Rocco Petrarca denounces the meeting of alleged Anarchists and Socialists in
    Driving Park hall and calls upon the police to stop further meetings.  

    May 16 - By the will of the late Louisa Rice, all her jewelry is to be melted and sold and the proceeds
    given to Milford Hospital.

    June 10 - Death of Hon. E.L. Osgood, aged 68.

    September 2 - Woonsocket won the pennant in the Mill league baseball contests. Whitinsville,
    second, Milford third and Hopedale last.

    December 20 - Milford horse owners petitioned the selectmen to have hitching posts for horses
    erected on Main and other streets. However, no money was available for this.

    April 20 - Ideal theatre, moving picture place, opens.

    September 25 - Unveiling ceremonies of Gen. W.F. Draper equestrian statue on Draper Park by Miss
    Margaret Preston Draper, the daughter of General and Mrs. Draper. It was the fifty-first anniversary of
    his departure for the front. The oration was by Congressman Samuel W. McCall of Winchester.
    Wendell Williams, Esq., presented the gift for Mrs. Draper, to the Town and James, H. Reynolds,
    Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, accepted it.

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