Memorial Square


The road to Hopkinton

Between Milford and Hopeale

A dead snake.

Camp Street

Elm Street

Road from Upton to North Milford

Lawn party

Under the maple.

Old house on North Pond

Landscape near North Pond

Schoolhouse, Silver Hill

East Main Street

Main Street at the Common

Town Hall

Milford in the 1890s
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Photos courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society

Thanks to Mike Cyr for making me aware of their collection.

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    The paragraph below was sent by Ryan Newfell of Milford. The picture he refers to is the one
    above, and the one he sent is below this text box.

    For the Milford page, I noticed a picture with no label (attached). I believe I’ve tracked it down to a
    building that still stands, on Depot Street, next door to Depot Street Tavern. There are many more
    trees than there were in 1890, but I’m almost certain this is the building. It’s definitely this spot, or
    nearby the rail yard off Depot/Central Street. The real giveaway that it is the same building is the
    cornice, which is the exact same in both photographs (right above the door where the eave comes
    down). You can see St. Mary’s Church side profile, which means the vantage point is south. You
    can also see one of the old factories off of North Bow Street (North Bow/Central St.) Hope this
    helps! I’ll send over any others that I find as well.