Milford Firsts

    1880 – April 1 - Milford post office made an international money order office.

    1880 – April 7 – Telephone service installed in Milford, Hopedale and surrounding towns.

    1882 – November 22 – The telephone company started all-night service.

    1885 – October 3 – The first special delivery post office letter was received in Milford by Henry E.

    1885 – November 11 – Lighting by electricity for the first time in Milford. The first five arc streetlights
    were at the corner of Main and Congress streets; corner of Main and Exchange streets, Lincoln
    Square, and one each at the Town House and the electric light building. Seven businessmen also
    began the use of electric lighting.

    1886 – May 23 – Birth of Amelia Tonoli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Tonoli, the first child of Italian-
    speaking residents to be born in Milford. She is now (1930) the wife of Frank Lamborghini, 42 East
    Walnut Street.

    1887 – May 30 – Women’s Relief Corps for the first time assisted the Grand Army in the observance
    of Memorial Day.

    1887 – August 24 – The first electric motor of the Electric Light and Power Company was started in
    the Daily News office in Thayer Block.

    1888 – April 11 – Milford’s first highway surveyor was John D. Shippee of Holliston, at $90 per month.

    1889 – April 24 – Milford was the first town in New England to use the “Compensator System of
    Incandescent Lighting,” an invention of the Thompson-Houston Company.

    1890 – January 22 – A Milford town document is in the hands of Town Clerk McLoughlin and is
    made historical by the autographed letter on the back of it by Abraham Lincoln.

    1891 – February 11 – In the first month’s carrying of mail in Milford the four letter carriers delivered
    and collected 42,742 pieces.

    1898 – January 15 – Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galea (?) received word of the death of their daughter,
    Mary A. known as Sister Teresa, a Sister of Charity in Chicago. She was the first Milford girl to enter
    the Sisterhood and was a graduate of Milford High School, Class of 1879.

    1902 – May 2 – H.M. Curtiss, first Milford citizen to own and operate an automobile on our streets.

    1903 – October 17 – First baby born in Milford Hospital, a girl to Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Fleming.

    Thanks to Lyn, Anne and Phil at the Milford Museum for this page.

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