Historic Markers and Monuments in Milford

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Armenian monument - Vernon Grove Cemetery

Armenian Heritage Park, Boston

Armenian professors monument - Vernon Grove Cemetery.

Overpass at the 109/495 interchange.

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Yellow footprints.   

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Interchange of Route 85 and Route I-495.

Gen. William F. Draper statue, Draper Park.

World War I Memorial - Draper Park

Srgt. John W. Powers plaque - Draper Park.

Draper Park

Doughboy monument, near corner of Main and Beech streets.

Irish Famine Memorial - St. Mary's Cemetery   .

The Famine of 1845   

The three markers above are on East Main Street.

East Main Street, across from the beginning of Route 85.

Next to Temple Beth Shalom, Pine Street.

In front of police station.