The nine pictures below were taken of the trail north of Route 85.

    The map above is from the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail website. Click
    on the map to go to the site for more on the trail. The "missing link" was completed in
    the fall of 2014. The next four photos show the trail from Main Street to Dilla Street.

    The next seven pictures show the trail from Dilla Street to Route 85. You'll notice that many
    of them were taken of areas off the main trail. There are several paths off of the paved trail.

    The following four pictures are from the Dilla
    Street parking lot and the Louisa Lake area.

The Upper Charles Trail - Milford, Massachusetts

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    The photos below are of what was referred to in the map at the top
    of this page as the "missing link." It opened in the fall of 2014.

The part of the trail in the photo above is behind Hanaford's.