In the two pictures above, I was trying to get a shot of cars on Route
    140. We were probably no more than 100 feet away and could see
    them going by, but I didn't manage to click at the right time.

One of a number of uprooted trees along the river.

    The river is so narrow in places that fallen trees can cross from
    one side to the other. This is one of them that we had to duck.

Mill River - May 20, 2013

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    Redwing blackbirds are all around when
    you're just a bit upstream from the Rustic
    Bridge. Here's more about them on the
    Cornell Ornithology site.

    The white line shows our route from the bath house at
    Hopedale Pond up through the river, almost to Route 140.
    The beaver dam that had stopped us before was still there,
    but under water, so we were able to get over it. There's a
    picture of what little shows of it just above the picture of the
    little dock someone has made in the last year.