The Hopedale Community House

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    This picture was taken after the town hall was built (1887), but before the
    library and the new Unitarian Church were built (1898). In 1922-23 the block
    in the center, going over to the left, was cleared of homes and the
    Community House was built. The house in the middle of the picture was
    originally the home of George and Hannah Draper. Later it became the
    home of the family of their daughter, Hannah Osgood. The two photos below
    also show the center of Hopedale before the Community House was built.

Another view of the center of Hopedale, c. 1890

    Click here for identifications and more
    about the buildings in this photo.

Bowling alleys completely replaced - 2015.

    Above and below - The Community House during the Milford Regional Medical
    Center Melange, November 7, 2015. Among changes at about that time are railings
    and as can be seen in the photo below, the name Hopedale Community House.