Henry Patrick operated two stores in Hopedale; one in the center of town and
    a second, shown in the picture at the top, on the corner of Hopedale Street
    and Route 16. The intersection was known for many years as Patrick's
    Corner. The building was empty for a long time, and eventually was
    reopened as Stone's Furniture. After some years, it burned down in 1979, as
    shown in the fourth picture, sent by Jack Ghiringhelli, and was replaced with
    the new Stone's Furniture building seen at the bottom.

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    Ribbon Cutting - Hopedale Selectman Carl Bresciani, foreground, cut the ribbon
    officially opening Stone's Colonial Village furniture store on Mendon Street in Hopedale
    this week. Taking part in the ceremony, from left, are Michael Stone, Myron Stone, Mr.
    and Mrs. Maurice Stone, and Mrs. Eva DiVittorio who is assistant manager. The new
    furniture store is featuring colonial and early American furniture with a separate gift
    shop. Mrs. DiVittorio and her husband were former owners of the Milford Furniture and
    TV in Milford. The Stone family also operate Stone Furniture on Central Street in Milford.
    Milford Daily News, September 7, 1968.

Milford Daily News ad - April 1945.

    . "The man on the left waving is my father (Rico). In the middle is a man named
    'Togie' who also worked for Patrick's. The man on the right was a customer from the
    neighborhood known as 'Smitty.' My family and I lived upstairs over the store for
    many years until we moved to a house close by when I was in junior high...around
    1950. This was the period when my parents opened the first 'Food Center' on
    Mendon Street, that stood just a few doors away from the 'Corner Store,' which
    became Stone's Furniture." Alberta (Calarese) Lachina.