The upper two pictures are of kids in the Oak Street / Jones Road neighborhood. They
    were taken in the late 1940s. They were sent by Bruce Lutz. I'll add names if someone
    can send them. I recognize Lynn Lutz, Kurt Anderson and myself. (Dan Malloy) Maybe Billy
    Hall, too. Where are you, Billy? Last I knew you were in Torrance, California, but that was
    more than fifty years ago. (Since I wrote that, Bill has been "discovered," thanks to his
    nephew Ryan, who found this site. Through Ryan, I was able to contact Bill. Bill looked at
    this page and said that he's on the right end of the middle picture.) Dave Atkinson emailed
    me to say that the boy who is second from left in both pictures is Bobby Streeter.

    Later I heard from Kurt Anderson who said, "In the picture  where  you are on the left; (the
    second picture), I think that the fellow on the right of the tall kid is Jim Curley, and the one
    on the right of you is Al Grey."

    Bruce also sent the one at the bottom. Here's what he had to say about it:

    Bottom  picture. Taken in 1949.
    It appears to have been a birthday party in the Jones Road/Oak St. neighborhood

    A few days later I received the following from Karen Caufield Pendleton: Hey Dan, thanks
    for the pictures, I recognized you right away, and it just so happens that it is my birthday
    party in bottom photo. Is one of the girls a Draper, Judy, maybe? And I think that possibly
    the boy is my cousin, one of the Baer boys, but am not sure.

    As I look at this a couple of years after first putting it on, I notice I didn't give credit for the
    identifications below. It must have been Karen Pendleton who sent them as part of the
    message above.

    Front row from the left
    Bobby Scalzi, Donna Spencer, Karen Caufield, Linda Soderberg, Jackie Driscoll

    Middle row from the left
    Donny Lutz, Sally Harlow

    Back row from the left
    Ann Soderberg, Unknown Boy, Judy Hattersley, Unknown Girl, Betty Elliott, George Harlow

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