The cartoons on this page were sent by Russ Pennington and done by his father,
    Arthur "Red" Pennington. Russ wrote:

    My father was an amateur cartoonist. These are all from the fifties, in Draper's tool
    room, Department 16.

    Stanas - John Stanas, supervisor.

    Hoss Taylor - foreman (Norman?)

    Johnson - Pret Johnson, Ken, Kay and Shirley's dad

    Lutz - Harry Lutz, tool maker

    Fairbanks - cutter grinder

    Damon - Ed Damon, a surface grinder and Dad's best friend.

    Bonin - Al Bonin , He and Daige were the departments premier tookmakers.

    York - Harry York, maybe?

    The machinery and surroundings are pretty accurately done.

Russ and Red in Little League photo   

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